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Neuton Power 100W Polycrystalline PV Module

With 500mm cable and MC4 connector. 670L x 35W x 1020H

  • Product Code: NPV100


  • Product Code: NPV175

Trina Solar 445W Tallmax Monocrystalline Module

Silver Frame, White Backsheet, 1040L X 35W X 2102H

  • Product Code: TSM445DE17M

Trina Solar 275W Duomax Frameless Polycrystalline Module

998L x 7.6W x 1664H. Minimum order of 33 units applies (one pallet)

  • Product Code: TSM275PEG5

Trina Solar 370W Honey M Monocrystalline Module

Black Frame, White Backsheet, 1040L x 35W x 1763H

  • Product Code: TSM370DD08M

Trina Solar 320W Honey Black M Monocrystalline Module Black

Black Frame, Black Backsheet, 996L x 35W x 1690H

  • Product Code: TSM320DD06MBLK

Trina Solar 285W Honey Polycrystalline Module

996L x 35W x 1698H

  • Product Code: TSM285PD06H

Trina Solar 290W Honey Polycrystalline Module

Silver Frame, White Backsheet, 996L x 35W x 1698H

  • Product Code: TSM290PD06H

Neuton Power 15W Polycrystalline PV Module

385L x 25W x 350H

  • Product Code: NPV15